All Dinners Are Served With House Salad or Lentil Soup

Available Pastas: Spaghetti | Linguini | Penne | Farfalle | Angel Hair | Gluten Free Penne $2.00| Homemade Gnocchi $5.00 | Tortellini $3.00

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Signature Risotto of The Day
Market Price

Parmesan $25.00 each
Breaded chicken tomato basil sauce, mozzarella, shaved parmesan over spaghetti. Veal $29.00

Marsala $25.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Sautéed chicken , wild mushrooms, baby spinach, marsala wine, over garlic mashed potato. Veal 29.00

French $25.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Sautéed chicken, sherry, lemon, butter over linguini. Veal $29.00

Scaloppini $25.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Sautéed chicken, white wine, artichokes, capers, lemon, over linguini. Veal 29.00

Saltimbocca $26.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Sautéed chicken, escarole, prosciutto, Kalamata olives, madeira wine over linguini. Veal $30.00

Milanese $25.00 each
Panko breaded, arugula, shaved parmesan, lemon vinaigrette, garlic mashed potato. Veal $29.00

Chicken Joey $26.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Artichokes, prosciutto, roasted peppers, peas, garlic, sherry wine over linguini

Terra Mare $30.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Chicken, shrimp, scallops, tomatoes, fresh basil, Madeira wine over linguini

Veal & Shrimp Joey $32.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Wild mushrooms, artichokes, roasted peppers, madeira cream over linguini

Veal & Chicken Capicola $29.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Breaded, roasted peppers, spinach, fresh mozzarella, capicola, spicy blush sauce over farfalle

8 Oz. Filet Mignon $37.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Gorgonzola, chianti demi glaze, white truffle oil, garlic mashed potato

Pan Seared Scallops $33.00 each
Lobster claw meat, diced tomato, spinach risotto

Aukra Salmon $28.00 each
(Available Gluten Free) Escarole, white beans, diced tomato, garlic

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